SPIKA Escape e-bike - Biarri Camo - 21AH Battery - Rear Hub 1000w - SKU : VHEC-EB1000C

SPIKA Escape e-bike - Biarri Camo - 21AH Battery - Rear Hub 1000w - SKU : VHEC-EB1000C

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Product Description:


Frame: Aluminium Alloy 6061
Fork: RST Hydraulic Suspension Fork
Motor: 48v 1000W BAFANG Rear Motor
Battery: 48v 21AH LG Battery
Brake: F/R: Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake E350
Gear: Outer 8 Speed SHIMANO Altus
Wheel: 26’’ x 4.0 Kenda
Display: APT Color LCD Display 850C
Throttle: Half-twist Throttle
Controller: Intelligent Controller
Charger:AC 100-240V,3A Smart Charger
Plastic Mudguard Front & Rear
Rear Light
Rear Rack


What is the range of these bikes?
Our bikes have a range of 20-75 km with a top speed of 45kmH (on flat). The actual
range may vary depending on factors such as the weight being carried, ride style,
and terrain. If you are concerned about range, you can consider using portable
solar panels or carrying a second battery. Additionally, the bikes can still be pedaled
manually for backup power.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
Charging the battery from empty typically takes 4-6 hours. We recommend charging
it overnight before your next trip, similar to how you would charge any other battery
powered device you take on a hunt.
What is the warranty coverage for the bike components?
The frame is covered under warranty for 2 years, excluding forks. The motor has a
warranty of 1 year, and the battery has a pro rata warranty of 1 year. Please note that
the warranty does not cover misuse/abuse or water damage resulting from riding
through surf or rain. It is the customer’s responsibility to return and redeliver the item,
and labor is not included in the warranty.

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