Outlined below is the fastest way to obtain a firearms licence in New South Wales for the following firearms (Category A and B):

  • Paintball Markers
  • Air Rifles
  • Rimfire Rifles
  • Centerfire Rifles
  • Shotguns


To apply for a NSW Firearms Licence please complete the following steps.. 
Step 1 - Join an Approved Shooting Club
To Satisfy NSWFAR genuine reason policy all Firearm owners are required to be members of an Approved Club
Step 2- Attend a Firearms Safety Course
These courses are held on demand at our store Monday - Friday between 10am and 5pm
Step 3 - Log In / Create a Service NSW Account - https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/
a. Once Logged in to Service NSW you will need to Link NSW Police to your Dashboard.
b. Select Apply for a New Firearms Licence (individual)
c. Complete the online forms and upload your proof of Membership and completed Safety Awareness Certificate. 

See the below screenshots taken from the Service NSW Website 






If you have any further questions please contact the shop on (02)9740 9760