HIKMICRO PH50L PANTHER 50MM LRF 384x288Vox 12m THERMAL IMAGE SCOPE (Incl 2xBat & 1xcharger) - SKU: PH50L

HIKMICRO PH50L PANTHER 50MM LRF 384x288Vox 12m THERMAL IMAGE SCOPE (Incl 2xBat & 1xcharger) - SKU: PH50L

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Product Description:


The HIKMICRO Panther PH50L thermal sight features a 384 × 288px  12um core with a NETD of <35mk (the most sensitive on the market). Coupled with a stunning  1024 × 768px OLED display, a high-quality fast F1.0 50mm lens and a laser rangefinder accurate to 600m, the HIKMICRO Panther is designed to ensure a clear image in harsh environmental conditions such as darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, forest, etc, making this the best choice for hunting large game at longer distances, or small game at medium distances.


  • 384 x 288 thermal resolution, high sensitivity detector, NETD <35mK (25ºC, F# = 1.0)
  • Image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR
  • 1024 x 768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display
  • Supports distance measurement, and hotspot function
  • Supports video recording and snapshot, built-in EMMC (16GB)
  • Supports digital zoom and cursor function, palettes of colour adjustable
  • Observation distance up to 2500m


Range your targets accurately with a built-in Laser Range Finder (LRF), accurate within 1 meter out to 600 meters.


Built with a 4.3x-34x magnification, the Panther PH50L is designed for long-range shooting and target identification.


Packed with all high-end features a shooter will require, including crystal clear imagery, WIFI, and one-shot zero, the Panther PQ50 is one of the best value scopes available.

Specifications Details
Capture Snapshot Yes
Standby Mode Yes
Hotspot Yes
Hot Track Yes
Reticle Yes
Battery Capacity Display Yes
Anti-reverse Battery Connection Yes
Overvoltage Protection Yes
Battery Operating Time Up to 6 hours continuous running (@ 25°C, Wi-Fi off)
Image Sensor Uncooled Focal Plane Array
Port Type-C
  Supports external power supply
Battery Type One 18650 Rechargeable Lithium battery
Record Video On-board video recording
Protection Level IP67
Aperture F1.0
Safety Class for Laser Class 1
Storage Built-in EMMC (16 GB)
Image Mode Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion
FFC (Flat Field Correction) Mode Auto, Manual, External Correction
Uniformity Correction Auto, Manual, External Correction
Wavelength 905 nm
Response Waveband 8 μm to 14 μm
Max. Measuring Range 600 m
Exit Pupil 6 mm
Lens (Focal Length) 50 mm
Frame Rate 50 Hz
Field of View 5.28°× 3.96°
Type-C Power Supply 5 VDC/2 A, USB Type-C interface 3
Min. Focusing Distance 5 m
Eye Relief 45 mm
Magnification 4.33x
Max. Resolution 384 × 288
Detection Range 2500 m
Dimension 214.10 × 74.30 × 88.71 mm
Digital Zoom 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
Pixel Interval 12 μm
Display 1024 × 768, 0.39 inch, OLED
Min. Measuring Range 10 m
Weight < 585 g without eyepiece and batteries
NETD < 35 mK (25°C, F# = 1.0)
Measurement Accuracy ± 2 m
Diopter (Range) -5 D to 3 D
Work Temperature/Humidity -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F)
Thermal Module  
Image Display  
Power Supply  
Laser Rangefinder  

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