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Product Description:  

Used to single round load the Tikka T3, T3X rifles and the Lithgow Crossover LA102 rifles, instead of struggling to single feed a rifle with a magazine in place or with an empty mag well.  Saves magazine wear, time, your finger tips and your patience...  Make a single shot without using your magazine the easy way.  For those times when a single shot is best...and save the loaded magazine for when you really need it...

This single round loading block is suitable for any cartridge from the smallest cartridge (eg 222) to the largest magnum cartridges.  Fits the Tikka T3 T3X and Lithgow LA102 Crossover rifle without modification(***).  Made of lightweight synthetic material, with a colour and surface finish similar to the Tikka and Lithgow synthetic stock and floorplate.

***NOTE: These units are made as a tight fit, as highly recommended, to make this repeater rifle perform like a single shot.  The release lever tang is made slightly over-length to allow for previous wear.  If the block does not clip in first go, then simply file off 0.1mm increments from the SRLB tang until it clips in and out to your satisfaction (but it should be a tight fit).


- Load testing and development.  Don't risk distorting or damaging your bullet tips or alignment while chambering to test loads. 
- Block the mag well to keep clean and free of foreign obstructions.
- When mag empty, drop the mag and insert the SRLB to quickly fire 1 extra round (no need to remove mag, load mag, then reinsert mag).
- Use while cleaning the rifle to block the mag well from splatter.
- Has a flat bottom to use as a second stability point when shooting in the field (off car bonnet, roof, tree branch or stump, etc).
- Excellent for use as a palm rest while shooting offhand.

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    Grizzly single round loading block

    Posted by Ross W Meinicke on 5th Aug 2020

    After a little trimming the block works a treat

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