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SMART REST RACKEN REST** - SKU: 125781454511

The Racken Rest is a gun rest designed to hold a rifle on a window sill unassisted even while driving the vehicle. The Racken Rest eliminates the need for a shooter to continuously remove and reset a rifle every time he/she needs to take a shot. The mount has a swiveling capability for lateral and vertical movement. The tension controlled vertical and horizontal swiveling action has a range unmatched by any other rest ever developed for the doors of an SUV vehicle. The arms are also telescopically adjustable for height and length.

NOTE 1: If you require more pivoting and range capabilities Eagleye has a double pivot mount that is easily added to the Racken Rest.

NOTE 2: the Short base model is available. Designed for vehicles with a shorter window sill. (Land Cruisers and old model Hi-Lux etc) Ensure your window base is the correct length before purchasing. The shot base model measures 45cm in length and has two long struts included in the package for the square-shaped window vehicles. The long base measures 63cm. Please note dimensions are detailed at the bottom of the package. 

NOTE 3: We have long arms in stock for extra height. The long arms are mainly necessary on low window sills. 

NOTE 4: It is important to keep the swivel bolts tight. Eagleye recommends a thread glue to be used during the attachment assembly. Ensure the bolts that hold the swivel bearings are checked for adequate tension before use in order for the units to function properly.

Uses of the Racken Rest:

  • Shooting from a vehicle

Advantages of the Racken Rest:

  1. Shooting accurately from vehicle: Less energy used to eradicate pests
  2. Speed and accuracy: Eliminating the need to remove and replace the rifle while driving makes it extremely fast to get a shot off when needed
  3. The easy mounting technique makes it fast to mount and remove
  4. Enhanced shooting positions: A shooter can easily shoot ambidextrous because of the great support provided by the design
  5. Consistent Accuracy and easy to use left-handed
  6. Reduced or no recoil: The rest takes the impact of the rifle
  7. Silent adjustability will not give away your position while setting up your shot
  8. Fast and smooth elevation adjustments are done while keeping sight on the acquired target
  9. The structure is made predominantly of steel is heavy duty.


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    Smartrest Racken Rest

    Posted by Grant on 12th Jul 2019

    The Racken rest is very easy to use and offers a wide range of movement as advertised. Rifle was stable and easy to bring to bear on targets.
    One suggestion would be to offer a wider v rest for wider stock rifles. Best mass manufactured rest I have used.

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