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Product Description:


Product Description:

The WOLF is the perfect product for any hunter, delivering high quality, clear night vision for your rifle scope with an Identification range of up to 300 metres (328 Yards). Providing maximum versatility and a huge advantage to the night hunter. The 60 second add-on to your existing day scope makes the conversion to night vision hunting easier than it ever has been.

ÑýÑ?¥? Medium range strike
ÑýÑ?¥? 3 Integral IR LEDs
ÑýÑ?¥? All in one night vision solution
ÑýÑ?¥? Zero ambient light required
ÑýÑ?¥? Video output
ÑýÑ?¥? Ultra clear night vision
ÑýÑ?¥? 60 Second add-on
ÑýÑ?¥? No need to re-zero your rifle

ÑýÑ?¥? Identification Range: 300 meters (330 Yards)
ÑýÑ?¥? Usable Calibre: Any
ÑýÑ?¥? Weight on Scope: 532g
ÑýÑ?¥? Operational run time: Up to 27 hours
ÑýÑ?¥? IR Frequency: 850nM
ÑýÑ?¥? IR LEDÑýÑ?s: 3
ÑýÑ?¥? Display screen: 3.5 inch
ÑýÑ?¥? Operating Temperatures: -20Ñ?ø to 60Ñ?ø (-4Ñ?øF to 140Ñ?øF)
ÑýÑ?¥? Video output: 3.5mm 4 pin jack
ÑýÑ?¥? Shower proof

Kit Contains:
1 x Camera module
1 x LCD screen & illuminator module
1 x Scope clamp 25mm
1 x Scope clamp 30mm
1 x Recoil clamp
2 x Scope sleeves
1 x Lithium-ion battery (1500mAh)
1 x Stock Mountable Battery Pouch
1 x Mains Battery charger
1 x Black Carry case
1 x Pack screen filters
1 x Instruction booklet
1 x 2 Year warranty card

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