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GRIZZLY - T3/T3X 10 RND MAGAZINE SUITS 30-06 - GEN 5 - SKU: GRIZZLY10RND30-06 Product Description: So many Tikka T3, T3X and Lithgow LA102 Crossover rifle owners in Australia, and around the world, want a metal magazine for their rifle but metal or steel magazines for these rifles either don't exist, don't work, still lock shooters down to short overall round bullet load lengths, don't hold more than a few rounds, are not suitable for 5, 6 and 10 shot matches, waste a lot of your hard-earned money, or a LOT of modification is required to the rifle to retro-fit other aftermarket alternatives. Waters Rifleman magazines allow shooters of Tikka T3 T3x and Lithgow LA102 standard rifle platforms can keep their rifle as factory issue for flexibility and simplicity, but reliably enjoy a metal magazine - a metal magazine with 5/6 or 10 shot capacity, with extended load length (extra length inside the magazine to hold longer loaded ammo). - Models specifically designed for the Tikka T3, T3X family of rifles and the Lithgow LA102. - Made of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum. - The coating is HARD anodised (not decorative anodize) black finish (may be some variation in color from batch to batch). - 10 round capacity of the given SAAMI specified dimensions of cartridges for the named cartridge suitable to the magazine (ie. the magazine will hold less for larger cases). - Can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance (recommended). - Reliable Stainless Steel coil spring. - Deep side wall followers to reduce tipping and jamming (stovepiping). - Extended length internals to allow longer rounds with longer bullets or bullets seated out further (eg. 80-grain projectiles in a .223 case). - Reliable loading and feeding. - No more plastic magazine issues - plastic premature wearing, rounds "sticking up", "stovepiping", misfeeding, over-riding, etc. - A very cost effective solution for a 10 round quality magazine - no modifications for mags to insert. - NOTE: A small amount of dry lube on the mag internals considerably reduces friction with the spring and follower - PTFE sprays and Silicon sprays (non-greasy) have all be used successfully. Graphite powder might be best, but consider the environment it's being used in. We don'tpre-lube internals due to some shooter preferences. We do recommend something be used to ensure longevity and the best possible operationof the magazine. FIT & FUNCTION: We let users of these magazines do the talking for us...and their comments thus far have been tremendously positive, with only a couple of exceptions. We made these magazines for the fastidious shooter that wants the BEST match grade magazine available. Likewise, shooters of the Waters Rifleman mags are expected to have a fundamental understanding of how magazines work - understanding tolerances, movement due to temperature, round stacking geometry, etc. This is precision equipment, which precision is key and will not be varied. Your magazine should be maintained. DOESN'T FIT. There has been the odd occasion where shooters, most of the 223 synthetic Tikka T3, have had the odd issue of the magazine not latching/clicking in place easily. Note we have NOT had this issue with the Lithgow LA102 or any other Tikka T3 rifles and the other size WR magazines. We believe this is due to an intolerance of the rifle stock during moulding, or possibly swelling from moisture, or by over tightening of the stock take-down screws at the factory or other things. Also, some shooters are bedding their receivers, increasing the height of the receiver from the floor of stock. Because our mags are made to spec plus or minus 0.1mm, and from billet aluminum that won't have a dramatic change, the only option is to file off material from the bottom of latch tang on the front of the mag in 0.1mm increments until it clicks in. Don't worry about removing the black, as this will thin out with regular use anyway. The alternative is to shim the floorplate with some alum can material. There is nothing wrong with the mag. Again, precision to a standard can result in issues due to variance in the rifle. Part of the game... Your magazine should be maintained. TIGHT IS BEST: Ensuring a tight and solid fit keeps your repeater rifle as close to par as possible to a bolt action single shot rifle. Tight and solid assembly and fixing keeps harmonic vibration even though the whole rifle and helps dampen the vibration quicker (no intensity spots - hence why BR rifles have the receivers glued in, etc). MARKING AND SACRIFICE: This magazine is made of metal. Metal on metal will always result in witness marks. Use of the WR mag will result in witness marks on the aluminum magazine body. This is always going to happen and is preferred to protect undue wear in the more expensive receiver. The sacrificial wear areas are the front latch tang, rear top flat where mating the trigger front tension leaf spring, and the top rear pivot corners. If you don't like the silver that will show due to wear and fit, try touching up with black...======================================================= Overall Load Length (OAL) max to approx 86mm (3.38"). Mass approx 10 shot 195 grams, 6 shot 125 grams.Suitable for 30-06 Springfield and family of cartridges, such as 25-06, 6.5-06, 270 Win, 280 Rem, 338-06, 35 Whelen. Also specifically designed, thanks to an incorporated tapered rib, 9.3x62 (9,3x62) 284 Win, 6.5-284, 6-284, 30-284 (all 284 body variants), 270 WSM, 7 WSM, 300 WSM, and the WSM family, 7 SAUM, 300 SAUM and family. From this list, the mags should work with all similar or related shaped cases and variants. Short magnums like WSM need bolt stop moved back approx 6mm (10 min job). Belted magnums will feed with some care. See details and pictures below.Lithgow LA102 Note: The Gen 5 WR x55 and 30-06 magazines will NOT fit in the Lithgow LA102 Crossover chassis. Magazine 30 06 30 06 Capacity (rated) 6 10 Tikka T3 & T3x Yes Yes Lithgow LA102 n/a n/a Material Alum Alum Finish Black Anodised Black Anodised Fasteners S/S 304 S/S 304 Follower Black Acetyl Black Acetyl Depth (max) mm 88 133 Weight grams (approx) 125 195 OAL rounds max 86mm (3.38") 86mm (3.38") Cartridges (Cap) 30-06 based 30-06 based 30-06 (6) 30-06 (10) 30-06 family (6) 30-06 family (10) 25-06 (6) 25-06 (10) 6.5-06 (6) 6.5-06 (10) 270 Win (6) 270 Win (10) 280 Rem (6) 280 Rem (10) 338-06 (6) 338-06 (10) 35 Whelen (6) 35 Whelen (10) 9.3x62 (6) ***9.3x62 (8) 7x64 (6) ***7x64 (8) 8x64 (6) ***8x64 (8) 6-284 (5) 6-284 (9) 6.5-284 (5) 6.5-284 (9) 284 Win (5) 284 Win (9) 30-284 (5) 30-284 (9) 270 WSM (5) 270 WSM (8) 7 WSM (5) 7 WSM (8) 300 WSM (5) 300 WSM (8) WSM Family (5) WSM Family (8) 7 SAUM (5) 7 SAUM (8) 300 SAUM (5) 300 SAUM (8) *7mm Rem Mag (5) *7mm Rem Mag (8) *300 Win Mag (5) *300 Win Mag (8) *338 Win Mag (5) *338 Win Mag (8) Notes * Belted cases are NOT conducive to feeding guaranteed. * Belted cases are NOT conducive to feeding guaranteed. *** Restricted due to stack angle.

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