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ELEY ammunition has won more Olympic medals than any other .22 brand. It"s now time for ELEY to enter into the Winter Olympic shooting discipline with Tenex biathlon. Tenex biathlon is the first specially designed ELEY biathlon cartridge in the company"s 185 year history.

ELEY engineers and technicians have studied bullet and chambering characteristics between 0c and -20c to develop the new ELEY Tenex biathlon cartridge. Tenex biathlon benefits from the key features of Tenex, a flat nose bullet profile with superb performance and accuracy. To improve performance at low temperature the diameter of the Tenex biathlon cartridge is 0.0008 of an inch smaller than standard Tenex. This helps the cartridge chamber smoothly from the magazine through the rifle.

Tenex biathlon has an increased propellant charge giving the bullet increased terminal energy and a greater knock down force needed for the biathlon target. Typically ELEY biathlon"s terminal energy is 114 joules, nearest competitor just 110 joules. Tenex biathlon also has a specially formulated lubrication for optimization at low temperature.

  • Bullet weight: 40 grains
  • Velocity: 1085 fps
  • Lubricant: Specially formulated lubricant for use at 0c to -20c
  • Profile: Flat Nose
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